business conflicts

Business conflicts occur frequently. Examples include:

  • Conflicts between the board of directors.
  • Shareholders disputes.
  • Contract disputes.
  • Conflicts with suppliers.
  • Takeover disputes.

Conflicts cost time, energy and are expensive. They impact the performance and financial results of a company. It is therefore important that conflicts are resolved quickly, effectively and in a durable manner.

Strategy call

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a procedure in which parties discuss their dispute with the help of a trained impartial third person who assists them in reaching a settlement.

Why use mediation to resolve a business conflict?

  • Mediation saves time.
  • Mediations saves costs.
  • Mediation allows for a broader range of solutions than a judicial decision.
  • Mediation is designed to reach a "win-win" solution.
  • Mediation allows for a sustainable solution supported by all parties involved.
  • No loss of face.
  • Mediation is confidential. This means no press coverage and no reputational damage.
Mediation services offered by KRAFT

One day mediation

For urgent business conflicts we offer the possibility of one day mediation. All parties involved gather during one day with the intent to resolve the dispute amicably.

Because the participants are purely focused on the conflict at hand, a pressure cooker occurs challenging all parties to come up with creative solutions.

One day mediation is a flexible process based on what is needed during the day, with room for individual sessions and consultation with advisors.

Boardroom mediation

Conflicts at the highest business level can lead to corporate governance issues. It is important there that these conflicts are resolved quickly, discretely and in a sustainable manner without business disruption.

As a boardroom mediator and accredited moderator Rick Geerars helps companies to resolve internal conflicts. Conflict analysis, effective communication and restoration of trust are paramount.

In-company mediation

For a successful company it is essential that employees are able to work together as a team. As a company grows, the risk of conflict between colleagues increases. This can lead to:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Declining productivity
  • Lack of synergy and teamwork
  • Missed deadlines
  • Court cases

In-company mediation is a proven and structured method to recognize, handle and resolve conflicts. This increases the organization's conflict skills, which in turn improves overall performance.

Custom offering

In many cases it is not possible to say in advance how extensive a conflict will be, and how much time will be involved in the mediation. After all, the mediation process largely depends on the commitment of the participants. A tailored approach is then required.

Experience shows that participants can often come to good solutions in three to four sessions of two hours. A period of two weeks between sessions is customary.